Program objectives and learning outcomes

The program is for individuals who want to further their marketing career, the technical skills and expertise acquired through this program will add to the skill set of the graduates in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

The cornerstone of the program is that it will:

  • be an application of the marketing concepts
  • encapsulate the existing and upcoming trends
  • incorporate the mandatory ultra-modern tools and techniques needed by marketing professionals to be successful in the local and global market
  • empower the graduates to make decisions which will resonate with the needs the organization and match the job key deliverables.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Advanced Knowledge of Marketing Disciplines: Students will have in depth knowledge of areas within the Marketing field
  • Ethical Awareness: Students will develop awareness of ethical issues in marketing field and research
  • Critical Thinking Skills: Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills
  • Plan and Execute Research: Students will engage with and contribute to knowledge frontier in marketing field